Welcome to DrKallman.com!

Welcome to my website! It is a wonderful reference. The information provided is just an overview. Nobody wants to read lengthy pages of material that are filled with gobs of information you would need to sift through. That information can be obtained from the Plastic Surgery societies and more pertinent information during your consultation. I hope the information provided will give you some insight into the procedures that my practice offers. You can see multiple before and after photographs, which will give you an idea of possible results. As it is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Study the photographs and compare the meticulous details. I have used these photographs to review my own results and modify my techniques to benefit YOU, the patient.

The internet today is filled with many Plastic Surgery Websites. I hope that our site will be something that you use for reference. The only true way to know whether or not you are a candidate for surgery or another procedure is of course, to come and visit my office. It is normal when seeking out plastic surgery to have a fear of the unknown. This is why I offer you a non-hurried, informational one-on-one consultation. I use digital photography and digital imaging for your consultation. This helps you understand the nuances of your evaluation and helps you visualize changes that can be made before they happen. It is my goal to make you an informed and comfortable patient. I want you to feel right at home and confident that you have chosen the right surgeon and practice. My practice is unique, in that I provide easy patient access to our fabulous staff, who will take you through your procedure step by step. We are a boutique, not a department store. You will truly get a personal experience, as it should be.

I have practiced on Miami Beach for 18 years, and have built a reputation on “Word-of-Mouth.” Plastic surgery is a life altering experience, which will bring you years of enjoyment, when it is done properly. Welcome once again, and enjoy browsing!